Ufosonic Generator – The Evil Smoke Possession

Ufosonic Generator

Italy’s Ufosonic Generator seek to combine the sounds of 70s classic hard rock with that of more recent doom metal, and end up succeeding very well at summoning something of the spirit of Black Sabbath from circa 1971. They’ve clearly listened to enough Sabbath to recognise that there’s more to it that just copying Tony Iommi’s signature downtuned guitar sound; drummer S. McManchester captures that jazz-inflected vibe that gives them that vital groove.

Not that this album is a mere retread of “Master of Reality”, there are plenty of other influences in there too, with the band citing Thin Lizzy, Uriah Heep and Cathedral amongst others, and guitarist DD Morris has his own raw and powerful sound. Lyrical themes cover space and ritual magic fuelled by booze and weed, and songs have enigmatic titles like “Meridian Daemon”, the title track “The Evil Smoke Possession” and “Mowing Devil”. The end result is a record that, while it doesn’t really do anything groundbreakingly radical, is still an enjoyable listen.

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