Stolen Earth

There was an announcement on Facebook a couple of days ago about a new band, “Stolen Earth”, with the following lineup:

  • Heidi Widdop – Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Low whistle
  • Adam Dawson – Lead guitar, vocals
  • Paul Teasdale – Bass Guitar, vocals
  • Barry Cassells – Drums
  • John Sykes – Keyboards

Regular readers of this blog (all four of you) will probably notice that four out of the five members of the band were in the final incarnation of Breathing Space.

While many fans were saddened that Breathing Space had decided to call it a day a month ago, there was always the expectation that at least some members of the band would continue to work together on new projects. Indeed, it soon became apparent to anyone with the ability to read between the lines that most of that final incarnation of the band were likely to continue as a band with a new name. Stolen Earth are that band.

Breathing Space’s final few gigs with new members Heidi and Adam showed us a very different band from the one fronted by Olivia Sparnenn, and it feels like the much of spirit of that final lineup will be continuing as Stolen Earth. Obviously with a different keyboard player and a new songwriting team Stolen Earth will have a changed sound and a new trajectory. Certainly I hope that the new songs premièred at the Cambridge Rock Festival, work of Adam and Paul, become part of the new band’s songbook. They’re too good to fall through the gap between bands.

It will be very interesting to see how they develop. Can’t wait to see them live.

Their new website will be up and running soon, they assure me. In the meantime, go and “Like” the Stolen Earth Facebook page.

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2 Responses to Stolen Earth

  1. Thor says:

    As I have a tendency towards a split attitude, I wish to be counted twice, making it 5 regular readers.

    Alternatively, for you my boy, you can have a 50% discount on the second attitude, giving you four-and-a-half regular readers. Howzat then?

    In vino veritas, or hic, haec, hock.

    Meanwhile I look forward to hearing the new Stolen Earth line up when they publish something.


  2. Steve says:

    I’m quite excited by the formation of this band. Four members from the last BS line up, and there’s at least three writers in the band. John Sykes is a new name to me. I knew that Heidi played both guitar and bass, but didn’t know that she also played the low whistle. It’s an instrument that I like. It adds atmosphere to a song. I also like the genre being classed as Classic Rock. I’m really looking forward to hearing them.