The Five Songs Meme – Mid-summer edition.

Time, I think for the Five Songs meme to be cast into the Blogofacetwitsphere again, for what it’s worth. And the five songs from me are:

Heather Findlay – Red Dust
Panic Room – Song for Tomorrow
Stolen Earth – Tuscany Sun
Morpheus Rising – Those Who Watch
Blood Ceremony – Daughter of the Sun

So, four songs with a Mostly Autumn connection, either containing ex-members, or sharing members with the current lineup. And the last one, which has no MA connection that I’m aware of, does have flute all over it.

Red Dust is the opening number from Heather Findlay’s “The Phoenix Suite”, a record I find I’m liking a lot more now I’ve had the chance to hear the songs performed live. This hard rocker came over very powerfully, even in stripped-down acoustic form.

Song for Tomorrow is yet to be released, but has got stuck in my head simply from hearing it performed live at the recent Panic Room gigs, which is surely a sign of a memorable song. It’s a big epic guitar-driven song with a great riff and a strong vocal melody. A classic in the making, I think.

Tuscany Sun is the first new song we’ve heard from Stolen Earth since the formation of the band earlier this year. As with the Panic Room song above, if there’s more where that came from, then we’ve got some good music to look forward too in the coming year.

Those Who Watch comes from the five song EP “The Original 2008 Demos” which I picked up when I saw Morpheus Rising supporting The Reasoning last year, but never really gave a serious listen until now. There’s some great songwriting here despite decidedly rough-and-ready production, and this brooding number is my favourite from the EP.

Daughter of the Sun is the ten-minute closing number from Blood Ceremony’s second album “Living with the Ancients”. With it’s doom-laden guitar riff, bewitching flute and sinister swirling organ, it sums up everything I like about this band.

OK, so you all (both of you) know the drill by now. List five songs you’re grooving on right now and post them on your Blog/Livejournal/Facebook wall or wherever.

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One Response to The Five Songs Meme – Mid-summer edition.

  1. Mike S says:

    Sober Driver – Dengue Fever
    Tiger Phone Card – Dengue Fever
    Memory Remains – Greylevel
    Anesthetize – Porcupine Tree
    My Eyes – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog
    Dengue Fever is a funky mix of Cambodian pop, American surf music, with other influences, fronted by remarkable female Cambodian singer. Catchy upbeat tunes for the most part.
    Greylevel is a prog band from western Canada whose album Hypostatic Union is in frequent rotation at my house right now.
    PT needs no explanation
    DHSB is a hoot of a musical, written by Joss Wheedon and his brothers and first broadcast for free on the Internet during the Writers Guild strike in 2008(?). My Eyes is a superb duet about the dichotomy of good and evil.
    Now, it’s other reader’s turn……