The Phoenix Suite is Coming!

A long-awaited announcement from Heather Findlay today:

The time has come to announce the imminent release of my debut solo recording ‘The Phoenix Suite’.

It is the first 5 track EP in a series of 4.

Alongside myself and guitarist Chris Johnson, The Phoenix Suite features performances from Dave Kilminster on guitars, Steve Vantsis on bass and Alex Cromarty on drums and will be available to order very soon!

Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm!

More details very, VERY soon…

Love Heather xxx

I’m very much looking forward to this release. Heather always had a distinctively melodic songwriting style within Mostly Autumn, and in the past we’d heard the sort of songs that have fitted comfortably within Mostly Autumn’s sound. While she’s recorded the excellent acoustic album “Offerings” with Angela Gordon as Odin Dragonfly, it will be very interesting to hear her stretch her musical wings with a full electric band. No real idea quite what it’s going to sound like, and Heather’s deliberately been giving us very few clues, but given the nature of the musicians involved I’m expecting it to be quite rocky. And I do have to say naming it a “suite” is a more than a bit Prog as a concept.

Interesting to see that Heather’s mapped out a further three EPs, which (depending on the song length of course) will amount to a double-album’s worth of material.

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