Trust Your Ears

I wonder what would happen if everyone started trusting their ears rather than restricting their music listening to whatever has been validated by industry-appointed tastemakers? How many sections of the music biz would just collapse?

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3 Responses to Trust Your Ears

  1. It’s not just music instustry tastemakers, it’s also peer pressure I think, especially amongst youngsters. I was almost an outcast for not likeing Slade when I was young or the Smiths when slightly older.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    I’m reminded of the way my niece and nephew have complained about their peers terrible taste in music :)

  3. Michael says:

    I’m put in mind of that scene in The Blues Brothers just before they perform Rawhide.
    “What sort of music to you have here?”
    “Oh we have both kinds: Country aaand Western.”

    Relevance of this quote: those are the only types of music I’m not all that fond of.

    All fashion industries can follow me or not as they choose.