Upcoming Gigs at The Borderline

I have ordered tickets for three forthcoming shows at The Borderline. This is a small, cozy venue right in the centre of London, just round the corner from where the late lamented Astoria used to be.

First is Panic Room, on Sunday September 18th. As readers of this blog will know, I’ve seen this lot many, many times this year, and they’ve never been less than awesome. On their extensive September tour, for which I hope to be able to get to more than one date, they’re promising to air a lot of brand-new material for their third album, due to be recorded at the end of the year.

Second is Touchstone on Friday, October 14. This is billed as the launch gig for their third album, “The City Sleeps”. It’s a while since I’ve seen them live, and like Panic Room, and with their high-energy prog-rock with the emphasis very much on rock, I feel they’re poised for a major breakthrough. It may not be long before you won’t be able to see them in small, intimate venues like this. Not only that, they’re supported by Heather Findlay and Chris Johnson playing as an acoustic duo, who are well worth seeing; Heather has more than enough talent as a vocalist and songwriter for an acoustic set to work.

And finally, on Saturday, November 26, Heather Findlay returns to play a headline show, with a full band including Dave Kilminster on guitar, and Steve Vantsis on bass. Anyone who saw them at the Cambridge Rock Festival will know just how great they were.

Definitely three gigs to look forward to. Since The Reasoning managed to sell out their show at this venue back in July, it’s probably not worth taking any risks by leaving it too late to get tickets.

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