What made the lightbulb come on in your head?

I’ve been reading the Guardian Music Blog quite a bit lately. Perhaps it’s because it’s one of the few sites that isn’t blocked by the firewall at work, so I can access it during my lunch break,

This week, it asks what song made you love music?

What are the songs that turned you on? We’re not after coolness, nor the first record you bought, but the one that made the lightbulb come on in your head, widened your eyes and made you say: “So that’s what the fuss is all about.”

I can think of two obvious ones. The first is “Pinball Wizard”, first heard when I was aged in single figures. At the time I didn’t know what it was called, or who it was by. All I knew was that it sounded really cool.

Then in my teens, it was “Eyes of the World” from Rainbow’s “Down to Earth album, which I first heard on the Nicky Horne’s evening rock show on Capital Radio. Since pretty much the only rock and pop I’d heard before that was whatever got into the top 40, I had no idea this sort of music even existed. With that ominious-sounding intro stolen from Holst’s “Mars”, and that incredible guitar-shredding in the middle, it turned my into a rock fan overnight.

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