Why Review?

If everyone who tries to be objective and balanced when reviewing music were to give up, we’d be left with nothing but the fanboys and the cynics. Would that be a good thing?

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3 Responses to Why Review?

  1. PaulE says:

    Part of the problem is that Music is such an emotive thing. If you aren’t connecting with it emotionally, then it probably isn’t on your list of great music.

    An objective and balanced review usually makes for a better read, but, in all honesty, the reason I buy on your recommendation is because we share a taste for music of a certain kind – i.e. a similar emotional response.

  2. Thor says:

    We need counterbalance, if not counterattacks, to deal with the trolls that are running around in their nappies in cyberspace and pointlessly screaming.

  3. Serdar says:

    “Objective” is a tough word. From my own work as a reviewer (which I get paid for), it means “know your biases and know your audience”. If I get in something that I know is lousy but is entertaining for the audience it was made for, I don’t slam it out of hand; I say it does what it was made to do. Then I go dig up something I like and try to get people curious about that as well. That, to me, is “balance”.