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I’ve passed this building many times on the way to and from Bilston Robin 2, but this was the first time I’ve been able to take a photo without a parked car blocking the view.

It reminds me a little of those Entrances to Hell, except this has to be one of the very poshest ones. Is this the one The Devil uses whenever a blues musician who sold their soul at the crossroads at midnight is playing a gig at The Robin?

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Where is Tom Bombadil?

Something Tolkienesque?

Is this deep in the mysterious Withywindle valley, or is it really the Thames path near Goring? Perhaos Tom Bombadil is a distant relative of Old Father Thames, or perhaps J.R.R.Tolkien used to walk this way and it gave him the idea?

Leaves on the water

Here’s another picture from almost the same spot.

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Panic Room Weekend in Pictures

Alex Cromarty

I’ve already reviewed the event as a whole here and here, Here are a few more pictures of the weekend. starting with the opening act, Alex Cromarty, with a guitar rather than behind a drumkit. Continue reading

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The Night Train

A rather appropriate photo taken on the way home from Rebecca Downes‘ album launch gig. The23:45 Paddington to Penzance, The Night Riviera, hauled by 57603 “Tintagel Castle”.

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The Deen Street Brothers

A few pictures of The Deen Street Brothers, the six-piece band who supported Chantel McGregor at Dorking Halls. Continue reading

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Apocalyptic Skies

If any prog band want this as an album title they can use this photo for the cover art…

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North Wales

Conwy Castly at twilight.

A few photos from my recent visit to north Wakes. This one’s of a floodlit Conwy castle taken at about ten O’clock at night.
Continue reading

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York by Night

The Ouse at York by night

The Ouse at York, looking west from the Ouse Bridge at about 11:30pm at night.

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Father’s Day

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Happy Father’s Day!

Photo of Dad (and mum) from their Golden Wedding in September 2009

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The Kennett at Reading

The Kennett at Reading

Taken on Good Friday 2014. Just occasionally I do take photos that contain either prog musos nor trains.

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