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Polar Bear

Polar Bear at XOYO

A couple of photos of Polar Bear at XOYO in London on Wednesday April 2nd. This gig was a real challenge to photpgraph with the atmospheric and moody lighting, so in contrast to the hundreds of good photos from HRH Prog a few days earlier I only managed to get a handful of usable images.

As a jazz act they’re well outside my usual comfort zone, but I still found them a very entertaining if challenging live band. There will be a review in due course.

Polar Bear at XOYO Polar Bear at XOYO

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HRH Prog in Pictures – Saturday

September Code at HRH Prog

The consequence of having a photo pass for a three-day rock festival is you end up taking an awful lot of photos; indeed I took over 900 on the Saturday. I’ve used a few to illustrate my review, and here are a few more, all from Saturday. Here’s Dim Koskinas of September Code, the opening band of the day.

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Picture of the Day

View from an M25 traffic jam near Maple Cross

Winter landscape near Maple Cross, shot from a traffic jam on the M25 returning from my sister’s after Christmas.

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Kittens and Black Swans

These two kittens seemed very keen to pose for photographs.

A few photographs that aren’t either of rock concerts or trains, starting with these two fellows who were only too keen to pose for photos.

Black Swans

These two of Dawlish’s famous black swans weren’t quite as obliging. Whatever was at the bottom of the river was far more interesting than having their picture taken. I wasn’t quick enough to get a shot of one doing a Smaug impression.

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OK, so this one does have a train in it. But it does show what Dawlish is like on a sunny day.

The Railway Inn

Dawlish is full of old-fashioned traditional pubs, and is completely free of the characterless chain pubs which fill most towns and cities. The Railway Inn, in a street too narrow for anything other than pedestrians, does great food, and a good pint of Otter.

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Metal Mayhem at Reading Sub89

Fozzy at Reading Sub89

I manages to get a photo pass for a night of metal mayhem with Fozzy & Breed 77 at Reading’s Sub89. It’s not the sort of gig where I’d risk my camera anywhere near the front without a pass for the pit!

Voodoo Vegas at Reading Sub89, opening for Breed 77 & Fozzy

Opening act Voodoo Vegas played some old school rock and roll. Good to see a woman in a rock band who’s not the singer.

Breed 77 at Reading Sub89

Breed 77 were probably the most musically interesting, mixing alternative metal with flamenco and eastern influences to produce something that wasn’t a retread of things we’ve heard many times before.

Fozzy at Reading Sub89

Fozzy were a lot more traditional, rocking like it was 1985, but it’s impossible not to be impressed by their ability to work a crowd. This is a band who really understand the art of showmanship.

Even with a strict “3 songs only” I still ended up with a lot of photos. Plenty more photos from that night on my photo gallery site.

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Smugmug, who host my photo galleries, have done a total ground-up redesign of their site. The new site is a lot more customisable and has a far more modern look, but we have lost the common look-and-feel between the blog and the photo gallery. Still some more customisation to be done, but have a look at the new version, and let me know what you think.

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The Great Orme Tramway

Great Orme Tramway, near Halfway

Some photos taken around Conwy and Llandudno in early July, not all of trains (there are some of castles and bunnies). This is the Great Orme Tramway which runs out of Llandudno.

The line has always been marketed as one of the “Great Little Trains of Wales”, but unlike the other lines, it’s not a steam railway, but a rope-worked tramway using the same principles as a funicular, something unique in Britain. This is the street-running lower section just below Halfway station.

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I Am Not A Number…


A few photos from Portmerion in North Wales, well-known as “The Village” from the late-sixites cult TV series “The Prisoner”. It’s a photogenic place when the sun shines.

As an aside, why don’t they make television like The Prisoner any more? Worth noting that, like The Avengers and the work of Gerry Anderson, it didn’t come from the public service BBC, but Lew Grade’s ITV. Can you imagine ITV doing something like that nowadays?

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Bank Holiday Weekend

A few assorted photos from the bank holiday weekend.

Brockenhurst, 6th May 2013

Marillion have a song called “This Train Is My Life”. Well, this train was my bank holiday weekend, in which I spent many hours on board assorted Arriva Cross Country Voyagers.

Mostly Autumn at The Brook in Southampton

The reason for all this travel was Mostly Autumn playing The Robin 2 in Biston and The Brook in Southampton. This photo of Olivia Sparnenn’s spectacular hair comes from the show at The Brook on the Sunday night.

Brokenhurst in the heart of the New Forest

And just to prove I don’t take photographs solely of trains or prog-rock musicians, this one’s of the Lymington river just outside Brockenhurst on the Bank Holiday Monday.

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Swallow, The Butler, Reading

Swallow at The Butler in Reading

I don’t usually do covers bands, but since this one was just round the corner from me, it would have been rude not to. Swallow are the Reading-based classic rock covers band fronted by Crimson Sky’s Jane Setter, with Diane Fox (above) on bass, Nick Martin on guitar, and Ade Ogden on drums. Their repetoire includes songs from Blondie, Uriah Heep, Golden Earring, Jefferson Airplane, and expecially for this gig, Led Zeppelin.

Swallow at The Butler in Reading

It’s not many gigs where I end up with more good photos of the drummer than of the singer, but pub gigs of this nature can be a challenge to photograph. The “stage” was wide but not very deep, with everyone in the front row. I was impressed with Ade’s drumming, and indeed the tightness of the whole band, as demonstrated by a very powerful version of “Radar Love”, one of the high spots of their first set. As a basic guitar-bass-drums-vocals lineup some songs needed to be played in a stripped-down forum, but the band’s arrangments worked, even managing to do Uriah Heep’s “Easy Livin’” justice without keys. I liked the way Diane Fox played the piano intro for UFO’s “Doctor Doctor” on bass.

Swallow at The Butler in Reading

Most of their second set was Led Zeppelin songs, at the request of the venue. Having seen the likes of Karnataka and Panic Room play Led Zep standards as encores, I’ve always thought Led Zeppelin songs work extremely well with female vocals, and the half-dozen songs they played, drawn largely from the early albums proved to be a very good fit for Jane’s voice. Somehow I doubt that Robert Plant could hit the high notes on “Immigrant Song” nowadays. And if Jane Setter could do Robert Plant, Ade Ogden also did a very convincing John Bonham.

While I still prefer to see bands play original material, it nevertheless makes for an entertaining evening, and Swallow do what they do extremely well.

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