Bye, Bye, Virgin Voyagers

The government have taken some of Richard Branson’s toys away.  Virgin Trains have, as most people expected, lost the Cross-Country franchise.  The franchise winner is Arriva Trains, who will take over the existing Penzance/Bournmouth – Manchester/Aberdeen routes, along with a couple of other long-distance east-west routes currently operated by Central Trains.

Not sure about their proposed livery, which looks rather dull compared with the striking Virgin Trains red and silver.  The Voyagers are allegedly going to be refurbished with more luggage space (about bloody time) and more seats (where?), and a few superannuated HST sets will be resurrected to augment the fleet.

Bad news for passengers is the likelyhood of substantial above-inflation fare rises over the life of the franchise.  No change from Virgin there, then…

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