Mermaid Ballast Wagon Kickstarter

Mermaid Kickstarter

County Rolling Stock are running a Kickstarter for a Mermaid Ballast Wagon in N Gauge. This will be a ready-to-run model, to be manufactured as a special commision by Dapol.

Crowdfunding started in the niche music scene, and has spread across many creative hobbies including the gaming world. Revolution Trains, ironically born out of a Kickstarter campaign that fell tantalisingly short of its very ambitious target has popularised crowdfunding in the British N gauge scene.

They and others could potentially transform how models are commissioned and sold. It’s a logical extension of the special commisions by major retailers and the N Gauge Society, except that rather than businesses and societies taking the financial risk, it’s up to the customers to prove the demand is there by pledging their money.

I wonder if Marillion realised what they were starting when they launched their pre-order campaign for “Anoraknophobia” some 15 years ago. And as I write this, I’m listening to “Essence” by Panic Room, another album funded by a successful kickstarter.

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2 Responses to Mermaid Ballast Wagon Kickstarter

  1. Colum Paget says:

    Using mermaids for ballast is deeply unethical. I for one shall be boycotting this evil plot!

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Like the Sirens of legend, only for railway workers rather than sailors.