Revolution Trains

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The Baby Pendolino Kichstarter project has now morphed into Revolution Trains. The Kickstarter project came tantalisingly close to meeting their £210,000 target, and even through it “failed”, it proved the proect would be commercially viable. So there will still be an N-gauge Pendolino, now financed by pre-orders.

They have been taking orders at the original Kickstarter prices, restricted to those who had already backed the project. Now they’re taking further orders at a slightly higher price for those who didn’t back the Kickstarter. The price for a “basic” DC 9-car train is now £300, which still represents good value for money. It’s also available as an extended 11-car set, or as a 5-car “fun size” version for those without space for the prototypical 9 or 11 car train, with all variants available in either DC or DCC with sound.

The Pendolino is only the start. The intention is to follow up with other models, using the same pre-order model.

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2 Responses to Revolution Trains

  1. John P. says:

    In case you have’t seen it, the cartoon in the front of the Guardian’s Guide today shows the entrance to the “Festival of British Railway Modelling” with somebody saying:
    “Sorry mate, it’s cancelled, we’ve got a massive leaf on the line.”

    (Apparently the festival is on in Doncaster today)

  2. Tim Hall says:

    On one model railway forum someone suggested exhibiting a layout with no trains, but with an OO-scale picket line outside the station.

    You can get a rail replacement bus train set.