The 2014 Derby Show

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A few photos from the Derby model railway exhibition from a couple of weeks ago. The first two are of Netherwood, an O gauge layout based on the final years of the Woodhead elecrification, set in south Yorkshire, with coal traffic predominating.

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The distinctive class 76 electric locomotives unique to that line are the obvious signature item, but I also liked the class 123 DMU, former Western Region trains that spent their final years on the South Trans-Pennine route, and occasionally ran over Woodhead on Sunday diversions. The model is made from cut-and-shut Lima Mk1 coaches.

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Like Netherwood, Barton Road oozes atmosphere, and although not based on any specific location, it has a very definite sense of time and place. It was predicted that the excellent recent N gauge diesel-hydraulic locomotives from Dapol and Farish would inspire a lot of 60s/70s Western Region layouts, and this is one of the first such new layouts I’ve seen.

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Although neither has a steam locomotive in sight, both of these layouts are historical models, capturing a railway scene long since gone. Which is why using the dated term “Modern Image” to describe them is just silly.

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2 Responses to The 2014 Derby Show

  1. The Very Large Hallibut says:

    I was expecting to see you at showcase. The Hallibutt was very disappointed.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Was at a prog-rock festival all weekend, shame the dates clashed.