BLS Re4/4 in N

A pair of BLS Re4/4s

When I’m not running trains in British outline mode, the layout can represent a station somewhere along the Bern Lötchberg Simplon main line. The distinctive brown Re4/4 locomotives are a signature item of motive power for the line. For many years the only available version in N gauge was the very old and long discontiued Arnold model. I managed to acquire a few of these a decade or so ago. Although acceptable in it’s time they’re crude models compared with more recent releases from Fleischmann or Minitrix, and indeed fall well below current British outline models from Farish or Dapol.

BLS Re425Which is why a new model of this iconic locomotive is good news. It’s from Arnold again, now part of the Hornby group, and it’s an all-new retooled version rather than a reissue of the long in the tooth original model.

Needless to say I’ve gone and ordered one.

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