Failed Saving Throw vs. Shiny

Graham Farish class 350

No matter how much we railway modellers try to stick to a single location and era, there’s alway the odd model that ends up breaking your own self-imposed rules on what should and shouldn’t run on a layout. This beastie is an example.

No, London Midland class 350s do not run in Cornwall, nor are they ever likely to. But I think it’s an attractive model in an eye-catching livery. I do own Cross-Country and Virgin Trains Voyagers, plus a London Midland 153 railcar, all of which do or at least did run in Cornwall, but also shared tracks with 350s in the West Midlands.

If in doubt, then Rule One (“It’s My Train Set”) applies.

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2 Responses to Failed Saving Throw vs. Shiny

  1. Dr Moose says:

    Shiny indeed. My Dad’s rule was “Ir’s a railway museum, you can have anything you want – which means that 5 years after his death they are still nearly all here, boxed and wrapped in conforting memories.

  2. Michael says:

    If you remember a very large Hornby Dublo layout, that had almost everything except Southern running on it.

    As you say, Rule One (as amended) applies : “it’s Dad’s layout”.