Mini-Module idea – Llugwy

image from Google Maps

I’ve been wondering about this location for a mini-module based layout. It’s on the Cambrian line between Machynlleth and Dovey Junction where the line follows the river, and happens to be the exact spot where I used to watch trains on family holidays in 1973 and 74. The rolling stock at the time was a mix of DMUs and loco-hauled trains using class 24 locomotives, and I’ve got as far as acquiring a blue class 24, some Dapol gunpowder vans (the signature item for the line) and blue 101 and 108 DMUs for the project.

Looking at the meander of the river and the track curving in the opposite direction, it does make me think of a corner module. The problem is published mini-module standards use Kato’s #2 curves (249mm radius, about 9½”) which in my opinion is far too sharp for scenic modules, although the rolling stock of course has no problems negotiating them.

One option might be to use a much wider radius. The modularity of Kato Unitrack means that if you want an oval, you can build corner modules any radius you like as long as you build the things in pairs. So you could build a rugby-ball shaped layout with two sceniced corners using 381mm (approx 15″) radius corner boards, and two non-scenic 249mm corners. The whole thing will of course be little more than a scenic test track, capable of being set up on the dining room table when required.

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  1. Scott says:

    Go for it!