New Additions

Dapol 45XX and OOVs

A few additions to the rolling stock of as-yet unnamed layout. First, a rake of Farish OOV china clay wagons, made as a special commission for Kernow Models. They sell them both in post-1974 “Clayhood” form, and as illustrated here with the earlier flat tarpaulins, appropriate for steam or diesel-hydraulic haulage. It’s a shame the Dapol 45XX doesn’t run as well as it looks, and I suspect these wagons will be spending most of their time behind a class 22 diesel instead.

Farish Bullied Brake Second

Second, one of the new Farish Bulleid coaches. It’s a little-known fact during the early 1960s the Western Region’s coaching stock fleet including vehicles from all of the “Big Four” pre-nationalisation companies as surplus stock was redistributed across the regions to make the best use of their remaining useful life. I’ve seen photos of a Penzance to Paddington express with a single green-liveried Bulleid brake second in an otherwise uniform set of maroon Mk1s, which is why I bought this coach.  Although some rivet-counters have pointed out that it’s not quite the right diagram for the coaches transferred to the WR from the SR Eastern Division in 1962…

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