East Lancashire Railway 40s Weekend


On the weekend of Mostly Autumn’s gig at Bury Met the East Lancashire railway was holding their annual 1940s weekend. They renamed all the stations to fit the theme; this is the station normally known as Summerseat.

US Army Jeeps

The event is a major gathering of World War Two reenactors representing the armed forces of many nations. Here American forces have liberated Ramsbottom.

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But Rawtenstall was stll under German occupation. On the morning after the Eurovision Song Contest it’s probably not a good idea to taunt these guys with “Nul Points”.

Following controversy in previous years when people turned up dressed as senior Nazis, the ELR imposed some strict rules for German reenactors on their stations, for example prohibiting  SS uniforms and prominent Nazi symbols such as Swastika armbands.

Lancashire & Yorkshire class 27 locomotive of 1896.

The railway was running a special enhanced timetable all weekend with multiple locomotives in steam.

Ironically, World War Two may have contributed towards the survival of this locomotive. Built by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway as long ago as 1896, it’s typical of the very old locomotives that didnt get replaced by more modern ones in the 1940s. British industry had other more urgent priorities

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Ramsbottom station featured some 40s-style entertaners to add to the period atmosphere. This is Paul Harper on banjo.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I don’t actually remember this singer’s name, though she did say to me “Everyone keeps taking photos of me as if I’m famous or something”.

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