Hyperloop is not an alternative to HS2

It’s being suggested that Elon Musk’s Hyperloop could be built in the UK anf give journey times from London to Manchester in 18 minutes.

But to suggest that HS2 should be abandoned in favour of a Hyperloop system is clutching-at-straws nonsense from the wingnuts and moonbats who have always opposed HS2 from the beginning.

At the moment Hyperloop is pie-in-the-sky stuff that hasn’t got past the theoretical concept stage. They’ve yet to build a working proof-of-concept prototype, and its viabilty as a mass transportation system is still decades away. In contrast HS2 can and will be built with existing off-the-shelf technology, and can be up and running years before Hyperloop has got beyond experemental toy systems in the Navada desert.

Hyperloop is an interesting concept, but its a long, long way from being ready for prime time. And we will need the extra capacity from HS2 well before that.

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