Academic Drivel Report

Great post by sociology professor Peter Dreier on his Sokal-style hoax in which he managed to troll a conference in Tokyo with a conference paper extract that was in fact complete gibberish.

This panel addresses absences—the gaps, silences, and remains within the construction of knowledge and ignorance—in order to contribute to an ongoing STS dialogue; one that has roots in Bloor’s “sociology of error” to more recent work in agnotology (Proctor and Scheibinger) and in residues (Bowker and Star). From feminist and postcolonial theory, we have learned to be continually vigilant about the dynamics and non-dynamics in knowledge construction and application. This panel addresses these negations, unseen crevices, deletions, and leftovers from multiple perspectives. Its aims to identify and theorize some of those areas that demand our vigilance in order to broaden and provide systematic ways to understand how absences and gaps are a continual part of social interactions and our STS studies. Interested Presenters: Please send us a brief abstract and title of your talk with your name, email and affiliation. We would like contributions no later than 15 January to compile and submit the session.

And that’s not gibberish itself; it’s the call for submissions to which he responded.

The whole thing is well worth a read as a polemic on the opaque and pretentious nature of so much academic writing, especially in the social sciences.

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