Bad Actors

One reason the “culture wars” across gaming, technology and fandom have become so toxic is there are far too many bad actors with sizeable internet followings who have no qualms against setting those followers on anyone who dares to incur their wrath.

And because some of their targets are themselves bad actors in the opposing camp it lets them paint themselves as heroic crusaders for righteousness. And of course the target bad actors get to play the victim, which feeds their narrative, and the cycle repeats.

It has to stop, because too many innocent people are getting hurt in the crossfire.

The cycle will repeat until people are willing recognise the bad actors on their own “side” and say “enough”. And that goes for both sides. I’m not going to name names, if you’re reading this you probably know who some of them are.

Most of us just want to get on with our jobs, make exciting things, play games and read books without getting caught up in a bitter turf war over control of the spaces we work and play in.

Real problems within communities that ought to be solved by people within those communities working together instead escalate to become new fronts in the culture wars, with all the associated bitterness and toxicity.

Is this because we keep letting those same bad actors frame the arguments?

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