Brexit would be Jeremy Corbyn’s fault.

Good post by Robert Peston on Facebook, in which he puts his finger on the problem with Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of the EU referendum campaign, in a rather better way that Mick Hucknall’s ham-fisted twittering.

So the question is why Corbyn has not been more conspicuous and passionate in campaigning to remain.

There are three arguments put to me by his despairing colleagues:

1) his heart isn’t in it, because he loathes Brussels, and he detests Cameron more;

2) he doesn’t have experience of campaigning in the mainstream on mainstream issues;

3) he thinks Brexit or an ultra narrow victory for Remain would see the PM toppled and the Tory party fracture.

If any of that is true, Corbyn would be taking a huge personal risk.

The point is that whether he likes it or not, he is the head of a major party campaigning to keep us in the EU.

And his colleagues tell me that if we opt for Brexit, when Cameron is bundled from office, Corbyn would be defenestrated and ejected from the leadership too.

If the worst happens on June 23rd, it will be as much the fault of Jeremy Corbyn as Cameron or Osborne.

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2 Responses to Brexit would be Jeremy Corbyn’s fault.

  1. I’ve seen pro-Remain articles and speeches from Corbyn or his senior team on a daily basis. Robert Peston seems to be suffering from the same selective blindness that has afflicted the majority of the mainstream media for almost a year now.

  2. ard sloc says:

    I agree with David Meadows. The news media like confrontational, simplistic points by the like of Doris Johnson. Corbyn is not so experienced in producing soundbites, nor does he seem to want to be, but he is making thoughtful, not uncritical pro-remain comments.