Cameron, The Saudis and Human Rights

Just in case anyone thinks I spend too much time criticising Labour and not enough time scrutinising what the Tories are up to, a reminded the Cameron & co don’t exacly occupy the moral high ground when it comes to relationships with unsavoury elements in the Middle East.

From The Independent.

David Cameron has been urged to “come clean” over the role the UK Government played in voting Saudi Arabia on to the UN Human Rights Council in an alleged secret deal.

The Saudi Government executed 47 people on Saturday causing outrage across the Middle East and sparking renewed concerns over its human rights record.

In response, the leaders of the Liberal Democrat and Green parties have demanded a public inquiry into whether Britain was involved in a secret vote-trading deal in 2013 to secure both countries a place on an influential UN panel.

Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks last year purported to show that the UK initiated secret negotiations by asking Saudi Arabia for its support ahead of a ballot.

Sometimes Saudi Arabia comes over as ISIS with better PR and vast amounts of money. The Saudi royal family have more in common with a Mafia clan than the leaders of a modern nation. The Saudis, rather that America’s wars, are the biggest single cause of what’s wrong with the Middle East, destabilising nation after nation in brutal proxy wars with their regional rival Iran. And that’s before we even start on their decades long oil-funded proselytising their intolerantly sectarian version of Islam across the Middle East and Europe that will take a generation to undo.

They have one of the world’s worst records on human rights, yet they chair the UN Human Rights Council.

And they got that with Britain’s help.

Words fail me.

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