Donald Trump

TrumpDonald Trump frightens me.

When he started his presidential campaign he was running as the Id of the Republican Party. Now he’s morphed into the closest thing to full-blown Fascism I’ve seen in a non-fringe American politician in my lifetime. I know comparisons were made between George W Bush’s coalition of religious conservatives, militaristic nationalists and big business looking for subsidies and that of Benito Mussolini in the 30s. But Trump is far, far closer to the real thing.

What’s telling is that none of his Republicans rivals will call him out on anything he says. It’s as if they fear that his ignorant xenophobia resonates so well with the Republican base that criticising him might hurt their own chances.

Given the way leading Republicans have spent years stoking up ignorance and fear for short-term electoral advantage, how much is Donald Trump a Frankenstein’s Monster of their own creation?

It’s tempting to dismiss him as a joke, but even if his campaign eventually implodes he’s still doing a lot of harm in Overton window terms. And I don’t think anyone can totally rule up him winning; nobody ever expected him to get this far.

A Trump presidency will be a terrifying thing, even more dangerous for the stability of the world than Islamic State.

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2 Responses to Donald Trump

  1. Dave Ormston says:

    I am genuinely staggered that so many otherwise cogent and sensible Americans actually find that his rhetoric resounds with them. Trump and Palin before him offer cartoon levels of ignorance and reactionism, yet had literate people genuinely aspiring to their POTUSA-hood.

    UK politics is a dreadful mess, but US politics is a manga cartoon version of messiness right now.

  2. Synthetase says:

    The GOP were concerned after his latest series of comments and have actually publicly denounced his ‘block all Muslims’ rhetoric as unconstitutional and therefore un-American (which it is). If they ditch him, he may run as an independent which will split the conservative vote ensuring both they and he stay out of the White house. I’m sure that possibility has weighed on their minds.