Don’t call them “Sceptics”

It’s time to stop allowing climate change deniers from getting away with calling themselves “Sceptics”. They are not sceptics. Sceptics accept evidence-based science rather trying to fit facts to an inviolable pre-determined conclusion. In contrast, climate change deniers have a lot in common with young earth creationists. Which is why it’s hardly surprising that there is a significant overlap between the two.

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3 Responses to Don’t call them “Sceptics”

  1. Serdar says:

    There is a reason “Holocaust revisionists” and right-wing fascist groups have a lot of overlap, too.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    And there is a reason Global Warming Deniers hate the semantic association with Holocaust Deniers as well.

  3. Serdar says:

    The revisionists fell into roughly four categories:

    – The fellow travelers. This includes folks like Noam Chomsky (see “Partners in Hate”, who lend support in one form or another mostly as a way to further their own political agendas; in Chomsky’s case, it seems motivated more by a hatred of the U.S. and Israel than anything else.
    - The two-faced. These are the ones who profess to be historians, but are really propagandists.
    - The fascists.
    - The unwitting and the dupes. These are folks whose curiosity about the truth of things is essentially sincere, but do not know that they are repeating lies, because they have never chosen to avail themselves of the full panoply of facts.