Fellow-travellers of the Far Right?

Nick Cohen is yet again beating his usual drum of the moral bankruptcy of the left, from Julian Assange to Jeremy Corbyn, highlighting theit unconditional support of Vladimir Putin, despite Russia’s corrupt crony capitalism representing everything socialism is supposed to oppose.

Wikileaks’ double standards and blind spots, its collaborations and self-censorship, go to the root of the crisis on the left. Or rather, because there are many lefts, the crisis on the version of the left that dominates the Labour party and most of the West’s allegedly radical culture. To put it bluntly, what’s its problem with standing up to the Kremlin? What gives? And, more to the point, who is on the take?

It’s difficult to tell whether it’s a case of misplaced nostalgia for the Soviet Union, or the sordid idea that any enemy of the West should be supported in principle. But when you end up on the same side as both Donald Trump and the European far-right, it’s just possible you’re not on the side of Good.

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