I’m from the Vatican, you’re ….

I am probably a very bad person for finding this funny. It’s even worse that “I’m the Bishop of Southwark, this is what I do”.

A Church of England vicar shouted: ‘I’m from the Vatican, you’re f*cked’ as he brawled with police after a vodka-fuelled nightclub binge.

Parish priest Gareth Jones, 36, yelled: ‘I have diplomatic immunity’ as he punched, kicked, bit and spat at a police officer and a paramedic who found him passed out in his clerical frock on Charing Cross Road, in Covent Garden, central London.

Read the whole sorry story in Court News UK.

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2 Responses to I’m from the Vatican, you’re ….

  1. Synthetase says:

    At least he didn’t say he was the baby-eating bishop of Bath and Wells…

  2. ard sloc says:

    Yeah, but not so funny if he’s your parish priest – or your husband.