Maajin Nawaz on identity politics (again)

Some strong words from Maajid Nawaz on how left-wing identity politics plays into the hands of the far right. He’s sounding like a stuck record, but he’s going to keep saying this until people listen.

In the name of their own ideological experiment driven by identity politics, the anti-fascists not only ignore, but wholeheartedly defend the stranglehold Islamists have over Europe’s Muslim communities. Theocracy and illiberalism are disguised as diversity. Multiculturalism is institutionalized across Europe. And people are petrified.

Free speech has suffered the terribly. Populists will abuse it to incite hatred of Muslims. Islamists will simultaneously argue for it, and against it, depending on whether the topic is the right to advocate theocracy or ban cartoons. The Regressive Left’s answer is typically authoritarian, preferring to silence debate rather than think uncomfortable thoughts.

Last week, exhausted by moderating the trolls, the Guardian announced that it has decided to shut down comments on its now ironically named ‘Comment is Free’ opinion page for the three topics of Islam, race and immigration.

Meanwhile, Vice revealed the existence of a private company that maintains a for-profit secret blacklist of Muslims it arbitrarily labels as terrorists. I am named on this list.

Reasonable conversation around Islam, race and immigration has become impossible.

You should pay attention to what Maajid Nawaz says, even if you don’t agree with him. And if you think his ideas are wrong, even dangerous, the onus is on you to explain why you think he’s wrong. Don’t hust try to shut down the conversation by claiming it’s actively harmful to marginalised minorities to have the conversations you don’t want to have.

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