Peer Reviewed

Following Peer Reviewed on Twitter is making me wonder if academic postmodernism is the modern-day secular equivalent of the Gnostic heresies of centuries past.

This Twitter account is the work of someone who possibly has too much time on their hands, who trawls academic journals in search of the most ridiculous-looking papers, and posts screengrabs of the abstracts.

This is a typical example.

Gnostic Heresy Screencap

It really does read like something out of Private Eye’s Pseud’s Corner. Indeed, one ot two people have implied that the combination of tortured logic and awful academic prose worthy of H. P. Lovecraft is actually triggering.

I have no idea of the compiler’s personal politics, but the selected nonsense skews very heavily leftwards, with a lot of references to Critical Race Theory and intersectional feminism. This might just be down to the author’s biases, but it might equally be that the prevalence of  pseudo-intellectual codswallop skews heavily towards the left.

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