Richard Dawkins jumps yet another shark

So Richard Dawkins claims fairy tales are harmful to children because reasons. He’ll be coming after music next, after all, it’s made-up stuff that engages emotion rather than reason. His “Ian Paisley of Atheism” schtick is getting increasingly tiresome now. It makes me wonder if he’s really a deep-cover Anglican, on a mission to make Atheism look silly.

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4 Responses to Richard Dawkins jumps yet another shark

  1. He’s applying his own standards of growth and maturation to everyone else, which is exactly what fundies themselves do. Which tells me fundamentalism is more a matter of attitude and approach than policy or doctrine.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    He’s repeating the 80s fundies’ “D&D is evil because magic”. The irony is not lost….

  3. Ian H says:

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  4. Tim Hall says:

    Because nobody who uses “-tard” as a suffix is worth conversing with.