The Return of Tony Blair?

LetMeFuckAHorse(From the entertaingly silly Tumblr Comment is Weird)

OK, the very last part about the Second Coming of Tony Blair is far-fetched, but the rest of it far more plausible. Whichever way the referendum on June 23rd goes, it’s going to force a major realignment in British politics in which neither the Conservative or Labour parties are likely to survive in their present form. A split in both parties looks inevitable.

The outcome of the referendum, for better or for worse, is going to shape British politics for a generation. Our present party system is a legacy of the 20th century struggle between labour and capital. The EU referendum cuts across that divide; it’s really between internationalism and parochialism. So we find the trade unions and the financial houses of The City on the same side, and see both the populist right and the old-school hard left on the other.

The next few years and the next couple of Parliaments will be messy. We may eventually end up with parties called “Labour” and “Conservative” which bear little resemblance to the parties of today, or we may see completely new parties emerge to replaced them. But whatever happens, the politics of the new few decades won’t look much like the politics of the last century.

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