Thomas Mair convicted of murder of Jo Cox

With the conviction of Thomas Mair for the murder of Jo Cox it’s no longer possible to pretend his actions were not politically motivated. Just read the judge’s sentencing remarks.

Those on the right who were quick to place the blame exclusively on mental health problems made it clear they’d rather stigmatise the mentally ill than ask difficult questions about the rhetoric coming from Vote Leave in the days leading up to the murder. Any of those who now double down rather than admit they were wrong are beneath contempt.

I can member unfollowing and blocking someone from progressive rock fandom on Twitter who was shrieking about “Project Grief” and accusing people like me of politicising a random tragic event. I can’t even remember who that person was now, but my social media feed is all the better without him.

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2 Responses to Thomas Mair convicted of murder of Jo Cox

  1. Depressingly, but not surprisingly, the Daily Mail tells us that he he was motivated by [legitimate, we are invited to conclude] fears that an immigrant was going to take his house. So it’s immigrants’ fault really.

    Some days, I find myself thinking that censorsip of the press would actually be a good thing :-(

  2. Tim Hall says:

    The Daily Mail have crossed a line, and it’s definitely reached the point where we should be pressurising their advertisers, many of whom are big household name retailers.

    Lego have set the example here, stating that they will be doing no further promotions with The Daily Mail.