Time for Remain to get its act together.

An opinion poll showing a narrow lead for Leave in the EU Referendum ought to be ringing alarm bells. While it’s just one poll, and it’s too early to tell if it’s just a statistical fluke, it’s time for the Remain camp to get its act together before it’s too late.

At the moment, Remain campaign is a complete car crash. Nobody trust David Cameron, who’s increasingly seen as a cynical opportunist with no deeply-held principles beyond personal ambition. And Jeremy Corbyn is completely useless; his enthusiasm for Remain comes over as luke-warm at best. Neither seems to care as much about Britain’s future in or out Europe as they do fighting internal battles within their own parties. Corbyn’s refusal to share a platform with Cameron because reasons is simply pathetic. The Liberal Democrats speak with one voice, but nobody is listening and the media ignore them.

It says a lot that the most positive and most enthusiastic piece I’ve read in favour of Remain comes from, of all people, Jeremy Clarkson.

The result matters at lot.

A Leave vote will leave Britain a nastier, meaner, more xenophobic place as well as a less prosperous one unless you’re already rich, and is highly likely to herald the break-up of Britain. The Scottish Nationalists have already stated they will seek a second referendum in the event of a Leave vote, and the danger of unleashing dark forces in Northern Ireland’s politics can’t be dismissed.

The stakes are far higher than the careers of any Prime Minister or would-be Prime Minister.

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