Viaducts and the European Union

A photo from back in 2006 of the viaduct at Tellenberg, Switzerland, showing a northbound frirght train.

Note the two viaducts; the elegant masonry one dating from the original openng of the line in the early year of the 20th century, and the more utilitarian modern structure alongside it, built to accomodate increasing traffic in the 1970s.

Switzerland is not in the EU, but the formation of the EU had a big impact on this railway line. It’s the Bern Lötchbern Simplon railway, part of a chain of lines linking Italy to northern Europe via the Simplon tunnel.

Why did traffic increase in the years after World War Two such that this like across the Alps needed to be widened at great expense? One reason was surely the formation of the European Union, which resulted in greatly increased trade between northern and southern Europe.

Think about this on June 23rd. How much trade between Britain and the rest of Europe might be put at risk in the event of a Leave vote? And how many jobs will that put as risk?

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