What were they thinking?

Kitchiner Coin So what right-wing backpfeifengesicht thought putting the inventor on the concentration camp on the new £2 coin was a jolly good idea?

It does sound like somebody is trying to peddle the revisionist idea that the World War One wasn’t senseless mass-murder on an industrial scale, and Britain of 1914 wasn’t ruled by callous and cynical elites who saw the bulk of the nation’s population as little more than expendable cannon-fodder.

Putting Kitchener on the £2 coin only serves to reminds us we’re once again led by the same in-bred upper-class donkeys responsible for the slaughter in the trenches.

Is it too late to melt down the wretched things and mint some new ones with someone like Wilfred Owen instead?

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2 Responses to What were they thinking?

  1. Michael Orton says:

    The Kitchener poster is suitable for exactly the reason you posted.

    WWI was indeed the upper classes getting the lower classes killed by the thousand simply because they had no clue how to get out of the absurd position they had got themselves into.

    Could the British Empire really have done nothing in response to the German forces invading France?

    The politicians having got themselves into a war though, the generals on both sides failed to learn how technology had changed combat and continually refused to learn from their mistakes.

    Michael Gove has proved he knows nothing about Education and is evidently now intent on proving he knows nothing about History.

    But the real question is how did he end up in the position to be able to do this?
    Was there no better candidate in his constituency?
    If not, and we must assume thre wasn’t, why not?

  2. Tim Hall says:

    My theory is that Gove’s primary purpose in government is to distract attention from what George Osborne and Jeremy Hunt are up to.

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