Where do we go from here?

Jo Cox (Wikipedia)There were some rational arguments in favour of Leave, but their appeal has always been based more on emotion than on reason. Which was why Remain found it so hard to counter Vote Leave’s lies with cold, hard facts. Vote Leave has tapped into a rich seam of pent-up resentment from people mainstream politics had been ignoring for decades.

But everything has changed in the past 48 hours. After the terrible murder of Jo Cox technical arguments about economics or democracy or sovereignty just don’t matter any more. It’s become a question of what sort of country we want to be, and a vote for Leave represents an endorsement of the blatant and ugly racism of Leave’s loudest and nastiest supporters.

And that is something which simply cannot be allowed to happen.

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2 Responses to Where do we go from here?

  1. Chris Hall says:

    Wise words as always

  2. Michael says:

    No, I don’t think it does.

    Listening to the news it has felt to me as though the Remain camp have been trying to exploit this deranged person’s horrible act and try to tar all Leave supporters with the same brush.

    That won’t do either.

    Down that path we get to that horrible quote from HHGTTG “I’m going to kill my brother and then kill you on the grounds that your brother did it.”

    Killing people is fundamentally wrong and you can not advance any logical argument in any direction from an unsound foundation.