Why I’m voting Remain

EU Logo The European Union in deeply flawed, and structured in a way that makes it difficult to reform. It has a very bad democratic deficit. It’s handling the Syrian refugee crisis very, very badly. And the implementation of the Euro was an ill-conceived mess that we were right to have kept out of.

But for all its flaws, I’m voting Remain in the referendum in June. Because remaining in Europe is still far better than the alternative. What the EU does will continue to effect the UK whether we’re still in it or not, and we cannot influence or reform something if we’re we’re no longer a member. Love it or loathe it, the EU matters.

At best, voting to leave the European Union is a reckless gamble.

At worst, it’s a decisive move towards a meaner, nastier vision of Britain that will be a worse place to live in for everyone other than the wealthy elites. Look at some of Tory Brexiter Priti Patel’s comments about British workers being the laziest in the world and her demands that the life of the young must be all work and no play so that Britain can compete with the sweatshops of the far east. That’s the vision of the people who want us to leave.

Looking at the faces of the “Out” campaign; it’s like a rogues gallery of the worst people in British politics. Almost all of them are those who believe that the Social Democratic values at the heart of the European project are an anathema. There are a few leftist troglodytes who still believe in a Soviet-style command economy, but the majority are ideologues who have read far too much Ayn Rand, or the out-of-touch nostalgic for the days of Empire.

We’ve got Nigel Farage, about whom more than enough has been said. We’ve got the loathsome and repellent George Galloway. We’ve got new-age conspiracy moonbat David Icke. We’ve got the utterly cynical opportunist Boris Johnson. The bulk of them are the worst half of the Tory party, typified by Iain Duncan-Smith, one of the few people I’m willing to use the word “Evil” to describe. There is a Labour Out campaign, but it’s a motley assortment of has-beens and B-listers; all the big hitters of the party are on the “In” side.

And what about the rest of the world? Paddy Ashdown stated today that all of Britain’s NATO allies want us to remain. Who wants us to leave? French neo-fascist leader Marine Le Pen for one. And Vladimir Putin.

If you vote to leave the EU, those are the people you are siding with.

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