You won’t beat Trump by shaming voters


When you see something like this (It’s a screenshot of a tweet promoting the Boing Boing blog), you have to wonder exactly what they’re thinking.

Remember the recent all-female Ghostbusters remake? “Dudebro manbabies are losing their shit“, went the pre-release publicity. The subtext was “If you don’t love this film, you’re a nasty evil misogynist”, trying to shame people into watching it.

It didn’t work. The film, which at least according to the reviews was a fair-to-middling Hollywood popcorn movie, flopped badly at the box office. It turned out that the marketing succeeded in alienating a large section of the potential audience, and the only people it appealed to were those who would have gone to see the film anyway.

Why is anyone trying to emulate that disastrous marketing fail?

Perhaps it’s people who have little idea how anybody outside their middle-class progressive bubble thinks or feels? Whatever it is, the stakes are far, far higher than a generic Hollywood remake. A Trump victory could devastate the world. And Clinton supporters are sleepwalking into that terrifying reality.

To be fair, we in Britain made the same mistake in the European referendum. And 52% of the electorate told us to go screw ourselves.

Of course, Boing Boing are not the Clinton campaign as such. Cory Doctorow, who runs the blog, is a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. So perhaps these people don’t really care about winning elections?

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