D&D Edition Warriors – Making Yes purists look like amateurs

So a bunch of gamers are celebrating the release of the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons by burning their 4th Edition books. It seems the D&D Edition Warriors now make Yes lineup purists look like rank amateurs. Accusing me of being the president of their record company for writing a three-star review of their new album just can’t compete.

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3 Responses to D&D Edition Warriors – Making Yes purists look like amateurs

  1. Michael Orton says:

    Buying a copy of the fourth edition simply to have one to burn to mark the publication of the fifth is absurd.
    Burning mass produced books, provided it is done on a safe manner and the paper was responsibly sourced, is not intrinsically wrong.
    Attempting to burn ideas by burning their physical manifestation may well be wrong, as well as futile.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Suspect the whole thing is an epic troll.

    Never played or even read 4th edition D&D, but I know it’s been very divisive, and some old-school D&D players hate it with a passion.

  3. John P. says:

    If the USA gets another winter like the last one they might regret the wasted fuel.
    Oh well, nowt as strange as folk.

    Anyway, more importantly … three weeks on and no mention of Stabcon.
    Come on, Tim, get to it!