Publishing a Game

Great post on Google+ by Graeme Walmsley on publishing your first game. Particularly about designing your first game around your budget, rather that trying to compete with the glossy production values from the bigger companies.

My own RPG is finally starting to come together after far too many false starts, and a lot of the advice makes a lot of sense. Not hiring an editor is one; enough people have been complementary about the quality of my writing to give me the feeling I can get away with competent proof-reading rather than go to the expense of getting it professionally edited. Layout, well, I’m not sure about that one.

At the moment, the biggest question is artwork. I don’t have the budget for any significant amounts of specially commissioned art, not convinced the game is ‘generic’ enough to be able to use cheaper stock art, and certainly not confident of my own artistic skills in that area. Suggestions gratefully received.

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One Response to Publishing a Game

  1. Steve Dunn says:

    Might one suggest Mr Graeme Bell of prog artwork fame? I’m sure he’d be very interested!