Some Kalyr RPG progress

If you’re not interested in the Kalyr RPG or the Fudge system, stop reading here.  The rest of this post will not make any sense.

I’ve finally had a few hours to spare to work on the Kalyr RPG. I’ve been working on the Gifts section of the character generation chapter, one of the sections I’ve never really been happy with.

The end result is quite crunchy – I think the gifts I’ve ended up with are reasonably balanced.  The big change is that I’ve eliminated Talents as a separate type of Gifts.  Previously talents were a crude way to trade gifts for skills, in that each one gave an extra level in four different skills.  What I’ve done now is turned most of those talents into specific gifts, and they no longer all work the same way. Some still give extra skill levels at character creation time, others give a +1 bonus in play in particular situations, or let you substitute one skill for three or four others.

I’ve cut-and-pasted the whole draft to The Fudge Forum to try and get some feedback and comments.

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