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Cecil Parkinson

There is a marked contrast in my social media feeds between the reactions to the deaths of Lemmy, David Bowie and Glenn Frey, and the death of Cecil Parkinson.  The former was filled with recongition of their artistic legacies, and personal memories about what their music had meant to people.

With Cecil Parkinson it’s all about the appalling way in which he treated his former mistress and illegitimate daughter.

Though the report in The Telegraph, which I won’t like to, makes want to throw up.

Miss Keays, an embittered woman, who bore Mr Parkinson’s daughter, Flora, repeatedly claimed that he had reneged on a promise to leave his own wife and marry her.

Ugh. When feminists talk about “The Patriarchy”, this is the sort of attitude they mean.

The super-injunction he managed that prevented any media mention of the existence of his daughter until she reached the age of eighteen was completely unprecedented.  According to some reports she could not even appear in school photographs or partocipate in school events. Strong evidence that he was an awful man.

Lemmy, David Bowie and Glenn Frey all contributed to making the world a better place.  Can the same be said of Cecil Parkinson?

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backpfeifengesichtI liked The Guardian far more before it started racing the Daily Mail to the bottom when it came to button-pushing clickbait trolling. Jonathan Jones’ appalling piece of the late Terry Pratchett (which I refuse to link to, Google for it if you must) writing him off as a mediocre writer of potboilers is probably the nastiest individual piece I’ve read online since Arthur Chu celebrated the Charlie Hebdo murders in The Daily Beast. It’s not often I read something that makes me want to take the German word “Backpfeifengesicht” literally, that that was one.

I guess in the wider scheme of things it’s not as serious as their misreporting of the Tim Hnnt affair, where the paper became part of a co-ordinated campaign to smear an innocent man. But still, you have to wonder quite what the editor of that section was thinking on deciding to publish that piece.

But look on the bright side. Perhaps it’s one thing that might unite the fractured tribes of SFF fandom, seeing the Rabid Puppies join forces with the acolytes of Requires Hate to rip Jonathan Jones a well-deserved new asshole?

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Backpfeifengesicht The German compound noun Backpfeifengesicht means “A face that should be slapped“. It’s also an album by the industrial-metal-prog band Mertesacker.

There is a petition to remove one backpfiefengersicht from office. If you agree with it, go and sign it now!

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What were they thinking?

Kitchiner Coin So what right-wing backpfeifengesicht thought putting the inventor on the concentration camp on the new £2 coin was a jolly good idea?

It does sound like somebody is trying to peddle the revisionist idea that the World War One wasn’t senseless mass-murder on an industrial scale, and Britain of 1914 wasn’t ruled by callous and cynical elites who saw the bulk of the nation’s population as little more than expendable cannon-fodder.

Putting Kitchener on the £2 coin only serves to reminds us we’re once again led by the same in-bred upper-class donkeys responsible for the slaughter in the trenches.

Is it too late to melt down the wretched things and mint some new ones with someone like Wilfred Owen instead?

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