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A Formal Horse – Made In Chelsea (Apocalypse in 15​/​8)

When an apocalypse in 9/8 isn’t nearly enough.  A track from the new album by A Formal Horse released in March, and now available for pre-order in both digital and physical formats.

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Zero She Flies – The River

Zero She Flies, the band formerly known as Mermaid Kiss, follow up their earlier single “Small Mercies” with the four-track EP “The River”, available today as a download from Bandcamp.

The EP features a number of guest musicans including Panic Room’s Jon Edwards alongside the core quartet of Maria Milewska, Jamie Field, Wendy Marks and Shane Webb. More detail including full credits and lyrics can be found on the band’s website.

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Mantra Vega – Island

Mantra Vega, the new project from Heather Findlay and Dave Kerzner release the digital single “Island”, the lead track from the forthcoming album “The Illusion’s Reckoning“, available from Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

The single release contains four tracls, including the songs “Mountain Spring” and “Every Corner”,and a radio edit of the lead track, and features guitars from Dave Kilminster & Chris Johnson and the rhythm section of Stuart Fletcher & Alex Cromarty.

There will also be a physical releasee of the single, which you can order from the Mantra Vega web site.

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Zero She Flies – Small Mercies

Zero She Flies new single is now released as a download from Bandcamp, CDBaby and Amazon.

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Jess and the Ancient Ones – Come Crimson Death

A band citing major influences as Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate and ABBA could only come from Finland. Great late-60s psychedelic hard rock feel, well worth a listen if you’re into bands like Purson or Blood Ceremony.

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Cloud Atlas on Bandcamp

Cloud Atlas are now on Bandcamp, and you can download their excellent album “Beyond the Vale” for the very reasonable price of £7

Here’s “Stars”, one of the standout songs from the album.

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Northern Oak

Want some folk-metal with cookie-monsters, flutes and fiddle that comes from Yorkshire rather than Finland? Of course you do!

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Steve Rothery – Morpheus

A taster from the forthcoming album “The Ghosts of Pripyat”, featuring a guest appearance from Steve Hackett.

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Jump – Down Three Times

One of Jump’s best songs. The story of John Henry, one of Jump frontman John Dexter Jones’ ancestors. A merchant seaman during World War One, he survived three sinkings, but never recovered from the trauma. He ended up as a beachcomber, haunted by memories.

Jump get labelled as prog, but despite John Dexter Jones having something in common with Fish in terms of vocal delivery, they’re not really a prog band. Despite being an electric rock band, they’ve got more in common with folk, especially the storytelling lyrical style.

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