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I Am A Cat

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set

There is one Panic Room song that has now been bought to life with its own action figure set.

No prizes for guessing the song, of course. It’s this one…

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Cats are Metal

The video for Mastodon’s “Asleep in the Deep” is definitely a bit surreal, but does star a cat.

Cats are indeed metal. We had a cat (black, of course) who was a devoted fan of Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show. Don’t try to claim it was just because he knew he’s be fed at the end of the show and had come to associate the sound of Tommy Vamce’s vpice with “food”. He surely had a deep and abiding love for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Cats may be metal, but they aren’t punk. We had another cat who absolutely hated The Damned.

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