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How It All Started?

Anne-Marie Helder, lead singer and songwriter of Panic Room as well as playing keys, flute and backing vocals for Mostly Autumn posted the above link to Facebook:

I’ve been lucky enough to sing this in the past, with a couple of different choirs; and I can honestly say it never fails to bring goose-bumps to my skin and tears to my eyes!

If you are having a bad day – or a good day – please listen to this, and remember the sheer beauty and wonder that the world, the human soul, and this life that we are living is capable of!

If I could ever write something as incredible as this, to leave behind me in the world, then I would die happy.

When I was quite young, my mum was a member of an amateur choral society, and we all went to their annual choral concerts. I can’t remember exactly what works they performed, but Faure’s Requiem may well have been one of them. I can remember being bored by the solo pieces but enjoying the big choral numbers a lot more. Exposure to this sort of music at a formative age is probably why I developed a taste for music with a big sound and extensive use of harmony and find much three-chord music shallow and unsatisfactory. It’s not only why umpty-ump years later I’d much rather listen to Nightwish than The Arctic Monkeys, but why I appreciate the likes of Panic Room and Mostly Autumn.

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