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Goodbye David Cameron

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


David who?

Two months is a long time in politics, isn’t it?

It is ironic that I’m writing this while listening to Marillion’s new album “F*** Everyone And Run”. Because David Cameron sure as Hell f***ed everyone and ran. There will be a review of the album in a couple of week’s time.

Had it not been for his idiotically reckless referendum, Cameron might have aspired to be a forgotten footnote in British history. Now he’s Tony Blair minus all the positive things Blair did before he burned all his political capital on the Iraq war. Everything positive that happened during Cameron’s premiership, like equal marriage, was an achievement of their Liberal Democrat coalition partners and would never have happened under a majority Tory government. People are slowly beginning to realise this.

A prog muso I won’t name once asked me how I thought David Cameron might feel if he read some of the rude things I said about him. But why does anyone expect me or anyone else to care? Because Cameron and his Bullingdon Club chums sure as Hell never cared about anyone that matters to me.

Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, and please take that sociopath George Osborne with you.

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Cameron, The Saudis and Human Rights

Just in case anyone thinks I spend too much time criticising Labour and not enough time scrutinising what the Tories are up to, a reminded the Cameron & co don’t exacly occupy the moral high ground when it comes to relationships with unsavoury elements in the Middle East.

From The Independent.

David Cameron has been urged to “come clean” over the role the UK Government played in voting Saudi Arabia on to the UN Human Rights Council in an alleged secret deal.

The Saudi Government executed 47 people on Saturday causing outrage across the Middle East and sparking renewed concerns over its human rights record.

In response, the leaders of the Liberal Democrat and Green parties have demanded a public inquiry into whether Britain was involved in a secret vote-trading deal in 2013 to secure both countries a place on an influential UN panel.

Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks last year purported to show that the UK initiated secret negotiations by asking Saudi Arabia for its support ahead of a ballot.

Sometimes Saudi Arabia comes over as ISIS with better PR and vast amounts of money. The Saudi royal family have more in common with a Mafia clan than the leaders of a modern nation. The Saudis, rather that America’s wars, are the biggest single cause of what’s wrong with the Middle East, destabilising nation after nation in brutal proxy wars with their regional rival Iran. And that’s before we even start on their decades long oil-funded proselytising their intolerantly sectarian version of Islam across the Middle East and Europe that will take a generation to undo.

They have one of the world’s worst records on human rights, yet they chair the UN Human Rights Council.

And they got that with Britain’s help.

Words fail me.

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And the sign at the side of the road pointed to Mars

I have taken what should hopefully be a brief absence from Twitter. The alternative would have been to unfollow or mute significant numbers of genuine friends, and I’m not willing to do that. It’s alll got very ugly since Parliament voted on airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. The mood reminds me of the days immediately after the death of Princess Diana, and not in a good way. Twitter is not the place for nuance.

Labour MP Jess Phillips sums up how I feel quite accurately.

My husband was once asked which super power he would have if he could pick. He gave the utterly unbombastic answer “the power of hindsight”. While I’m spying on you with the invisibility power that I picked, he will be resting on the laurels of never making a mistake. Mine is more fun in the short term but his eliminates a life of pain and hand-wringing. What a clever man he is.

Without this power I remain uncertain. What I am certain of is that those who are so certain that they are right are certainly not as clever or good as they think they are.

Indeed. As was said on Twitter a while back about a completely unrelated issue, if you really don’t know all the answers, it’s better to be zero than a minus one.

In this time of great uncertainty, we need some proper grown-ups in charge, and the people we do have don’t measure up. David Cameron comes over as little more than an opportunistic spiv with no underlying principles, who wants to go to war in an exercise of nationalist willy-waving. Even if he’s right, he’s probably right for the wrong reasons, and it’s hard to blame anyone for not buying what he’s selling.

But Corbyn is no better, an inflexible ideologue who, even if he’s a decent person at heart, is too weak a leader to be able to control the more thuggish elements amongst his own supporters. The personal abuse I’ve seen on Twitter towards those who supported the Government, especially women, has been quite appalling. And these people claim to be on the side of “peace”.

In terms of weighing up whether action or inaction is the lesser of two evils, among party leaders Tim Farron comes over as the only adult in the room. Even he may be wrong, but I’m more inclined to trust his judgement than that of Cameron or Corbyn.

It’s not as if a tiny number of planes is going to make a great deal of difference anyway. To defeat ISIS, something that does need to be done whatever the “peace” movement might say, will require putting together some sort of anti-ISIS alliance on the ground. That will need a lot of diplomacy and may well require treading on the toes of some of our supposed allies. And even that would be a fruitless game of whack-a-mole unless we also discredit their ideology, something that may take a generation to accomplish.

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London’s Laundry Business

Very depressing picture of Britain drawn by the New York Times.

Britain’s ruling class has decayed not just to the point where Mr. Cameron is considered a man of exceptional talent, but to where its first priority is protecting its percentage on Russian money — even as Russian armored personnel carriers rumble around the streets of Sevastopol. But the establishment understands that in the 21st century what matters are banks, not tanks.

The Russians also understand this. They know that London is a center of Russian corruption, that their loot plunges into Britain’s empire of tax havens — from Gibraltar to Jersey, from the Cayman Islands to the British Virgin Islands — on which the sun never sets.

British residency is up for sale. “Investor visas” can be purchased, starting at £1 million ($1.6 million). London lawyers in the Commercial Court now get 60 percent of their work from Russian and Eastern European clients. More than 50 Russia-based companies swell the trade at London’s Stock Exchange. The planning regulations have been scrapped, and along the Thames, up and up go spires of steel and glass for the hedge-funding class.

So while Tories and their sycophantic newspapers tell us day after day that the EU is the root of all evil and we’re being overrun by foreign immigrants, the truth is that our ruling elites have completely sold out to foreign money. We might as well be living under occupation.

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