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Jamala bathes in Neil Clark’s Tears

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Whatever the merits or otherwise of the songs themselves, Saturday’s Eurovision result giving victory to Ukraine’s Jamala seems to have produced epic levels of salt from Vladimir Putin’s propagandists.

Mark the date. Saturday May 14, 2016, the day the music died and a song contest whose well-intentioned original aim of national harmony has become the latest front in the Western elite’s obsessional and relentless new Cold War against Russia.

A blatantly political song by Ukraine – which should not have been allowed in the contest in the first place as it clearly broke the European Broadcasting Union’s ‘No Politics’ rules – was declared the ‘winner’ of the Eurovision Song Contest, even though the country which got the most votes from the general public was Russia.

What helped Ukraine ‘win’ were the ‘national juries’ panels of so-called ‘music industry professionals’ who were given 50 percent of the votes and who only put Russia in joint fifth place, with 81 fewer points than Ukraine.

That’s a vile little man called Neil Clark, who in a previous life was an apologist from the genocidal Serbian leader Slobodan Milosovic, before and even during his trial for war crimes. It’s hardly surprising this insignificant far left hack is now toadying to Vladimir Putin.

His basic argument is nonsense. In the absense of any song strong enough to capture the imaginations of people who actually care about music, the Eurovision popular vote tends to default towards politics. Russia’s entry was no Lordi.

The only mystery was why the jury vote gave the utterly forgettable boy-band-meets-landfill-indie British entry any points at all.

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Now that Terry Wogan is up there, Heaven can hold a Eurovision Song Contest with Lemmy as the British entry. Something that should have happened when the two of them were still on Earth.

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The Eurovision Song Contest

I’m at a gig this Saturday, so I’ll be missing the Eurovision Song Contest. But here’s Lithuania’s entry for 2006, the same year as Lordi won for Finland.

The brief instrumental break with the dancing William Hague look-a-like is the best bit.

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Yet again the BBC committee who decide these things have managed to unite everyone in the country who actually cares about music in thinking the British Eurovision entry is complete bobbins.

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The idea that Britain will never win the Eurovision Song Contest because of politics and regional block voting remains an untested hypothesis as long as the out-of-touch dullards of BBC Light Entertainment continue to choose half-arsed entries that anyone who cares about music is deeply embarrassed by. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. The British entry needs to be Mötorhead.

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