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The Earth Is Flat! Internet Memes Say So

I have no idea of the source of this meme

The above image is comes from a Tweet by the rapper BoB quoted in The Guardian. Did you know that the West Coast Main Line is single track and isn’t electrified? Neither did I.

I am not entirely sure whether the recent emergence of the Flat Earth Movement is a terrible consequence of rising anti-intellectualism and wholesale rejection of enlightenment values, or whether the whole thing is an epic wind-up that a few ignorant suckers have fallen for. I suppose it’s orders of magnitude less harmful than the celebrity anti-vax moement.

Occams Razor and Poes’ Law both suggest rapper BoB’s public embrace of this nonsense is nothing more than a clever publicity stunt. It’s entirely possible that astrophysicist and cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson is in on the joke.

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