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Also Eden & Morpheus Rising co-headliner

Also Eden Morpheus Rising

As readers of this blog ought to have noticed, I’m a big supporter of co-headline gigs, where two highly complementary bands not only give audiences good value for money, but both bands gain exposure to each other’s fanbases.

Also Eden and Morpheus Rising have played on the same bill before, and they’re together again on March 8th at The Asylum 2 in Birmingham. This ought to be a great night.

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Eximus Humanus pre-order

Eximus HumanusMorpheus Rising are now taking pre-orders for their album “Eximus Humanus”.  The band funded the album with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Those of us who backed the have already downloaded the digital version of the album, and it’s exvellent. Now is the turn of those of you who missed the kickstarter.

Morpheus Rising will be playing a launch gig at Bilston Robin 2 on 23rd February, with Luna Rossa as the support, which ought to be an excellent night.

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Luna Rossa to support at Morpheus Rising album launch

Morpheus Rising AlbumMorpheus Rising have annonced the launch gig for the Kickstarted-funded second album “Eximius Humanus”, at Bilston Robin 2 on Sunday 23rd February 2014.

With a strong crossover fan base, Morpheus Rising deliver an energetic and powerful show which appeals to the Classic Rock and Prog fans alike. This will be the band’s first headline show at the Robin, having previously played shows supporting the likes of Panic Room.

Not only that, but the show will also be the first even live appearance of Luna Rossa, Anne-Marie Helder and Jonathan Edwards superb acoustic project.

In this, their first ever live performance as ‘Luna Rossa’, the duo will explore the stripped-back splendour and beauty of their debut album ‘Sleeping Pills & Lullabies’. A rare treat for any fans of Panic Room or those who love the magic of timeless, entrancing songwriting.

This is looking like a show not to be missed.

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Congratulations to Morpheus Rising for hitting their Kickstarter Target for their long-awaited second album with nine days to spare.

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Happy Birthday Andy Smith

Andy Smith of Mostly Autumn at The Met, Bury, September 2012

Happy Birthday to Andy Smith, bassist for Mostly Autumn and Morpheus Rising, and all round top bloke.

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Morpheus Rising launch Kickstarter campaign

Morpheus Rising at Bilston Robin 2, July 2013

Morpheus Rising have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their second album.

This project will enable us to finish recording, mix, master, and manufacture the long awaited second Morpheus Rising album.

We’re a British twin guitar based rock band, currently working on our second album. We’ve been busy writing, arranging and recording a new batch of songs for this release, and we’re ready to mix, produce, master and manufacture it ready for you!

We recently signed with an independent label in the US, but the days of massive advances to pay for albums are long gone. So we need to fund this ourselves – and we’re well on the way! The new songs sound fantastic so far and we’re very excited!

The new song certainly sounded impressive when the band played them live supporting Panic Room back in July. This will be an album well worth investing in.

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Nigel Durham joins Morpheus Rising

Big announcement from Morpheus Rising today.

We are very pleased to announce that Nigel Durham (ex Saxon, ex Oliver/Dawson Saxon) has joined Morpheus Rising as full time drummer. Nigel is a fantastic drummer with an outstanding pedigree, and we’re delighted to welcome him into the band.

Nigel is no stranger to rock audiences, having played on Saxon’s Destiny album, and several albums with Oliver/Dawson Saxon, including Re:Landed and It’s Alive. We are really looking forward getting stuck into rehearsals with him, preparing current material for the live set and new songs for the album sessions.

We are extremely grateful to the one and only Henry Rogers for stepping in to the breach and filling the drum vacancy for the recent tour with Panic Room, and the Bikes Bands and Booze show last weekend. Without all his outstanding hard work and dedication at relatively short notice, we could not have done these gigs, and we’ve really enjoyed having him as part of the MR gang – even if only briefly!

We’re all looking forward to the new album and a new era with Melodic Revolution Records, and with Nigel joining the band too, we’re really hungry to get cracking. As Nigel says “Can’t wait to get my teeth into Morpheus Rising!”

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Morpheus Rising sign to Melodic Revolution Records

Morpheus Rising at Bilston Robin 2, July 2013

Morpheus Rising are the latest band in the “scene” to sign a record deal with US Label Melodic Revolution Records. As stated in their press release:

Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce the signing of British Hard Rock Act Morpheus Rising.

Morpheus Rising is a five piece hard ‘n’ heavy British rock band formed in 2008. The band is heavily influenced by their peers; Saxon, UFO, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden. Morpheus Rising has forged a reputation for their stage shows and music by incorporating precision twin guitars, power chords and fast guitar solos, upbeat tempos, soaring melodic vocals, rounded out by a tight rhythm section. The band has incorporated many elements of the NWOBHM bands of the late 70’s and early 80’s which set the standards and made these bands famous.

As the band say in their own announcement.

Based in Orlando, Florida, Melodic Revolution Records has a great roster of acts from across America, Europe and the UK. We’re very excited to be part of this family of creative, like minded people, artists and bands and looking forward to working with Nick Katona and MRR who will be fighting our corner in the USA. We’re already making plans with them for the new album which we also hope to announce very soon. Don’t worry, we’re not selling out, we are still in complete control – nothing has changed creatively!

Exciting times, and with a promise that they won’t start sounding like Nickleback. Interesting that they’re signing to a US label, though.

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Panic Room & Morpheus Rising, The Flowerpot

After a one-off gig in Milton Keynes back in April, Panic Room came to The Flowerpot in Derby for the first date of their short UK tour.

Morpheus Rising at The Flowerpot in Derby

Openers Morpheus Rising had supported Panic Room on last November, and they’re back again for this tour. They have a changed lineup for these gigs, with Touchstone’s Henry Rogers joining the band on drums, and this weekend, Andy Gooby standing in for Andy Smith, who was off in Holland with Mostly Autumn. Despite the musical chairs, they are getting better and better as a live band with their modern take on classic twin lead guitar hard rock.

They’re now working on a second album, and the set contained quite a bit of brand-new material alongside favourites from their first disk “Let the Sleeper Awake”. Their signature guitar harmonies between Pete Harwood and Damien James Sweeting are as good as ever, with some very impressive soloing from Damien in particular. The new material came over very strongly, possibly slightly more riff-orientated than before, and whets the appetite for the forthcoming album.

Anne-Marie Helder plays the silver wand at The Flowerpot

Panic Room themselves have an altered lineup from last year, with Pete Harwood doing double duty in both bands. Playing only his third gig with the band, he’s fitted in very well. With Morpheus Rising he doesn’t play many solos, leaving them to Damien Sweeting with his flashier shred-metal style. But Pete Harwood’s playing suits Panic Room’s music perfectly. He’s got the same less-is-more understated style as the departed Paul Davies, which is precisely the sort of guitarist Panic Room’s music needs. There are many bands made up from a couple of key members plus supporting cast, but Panic Room have always been an ensemble where the whole is far more than the sum of the parts.

It’s almost impossible to pick out highlights from Panic Room’s set, such is the strength of their material. The set naturally drew heavily from their latest album “Skin” with selected highlights from the first two albums. The songs range from the out-and-out hard rock of “Apocalypstick” and “Hiding The World” to the emotional intensity of “Skin” and “The Fall”. The jazz-flavoured “Chameleon” saw Anne-Marie Helder’s ‘Silver Wand’ making an appearance, and they’re still playing their inventive reworking of ELP’s “Bitches Crystal”. Anne-Marie was on superb form as always, demonstrating just why she’s an award-winning vocalist. But then so was everyone else.

With The Flowerpot not far short of full, one wonders how much longer it will be possible to see this band playing small and intimate venues like this. The tour continues with shows in London, Norwich, Bilston and Manchester before Panic Room head into the studio to work on their fourth album.

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Gibbo leaves Morpheus Rising

Morpheus Rising at the Cambridge Rock Festival

Announcement today from Morpheus Rising.

Sadly, we have to announce that Gibbo and Morpheus Rising have agreed to part company and he will no longer be part of MR..

Gibbo has been with us from the start, and his drumming has been an intrinsic part of Morpheus Rising from the very beginning, both live and recorded. Behind the scenes, Gibbo has contributed a huge amount of time and hard work to the band and we are sorry to see him go. We will miss him and wish him all the best in the future.

We will be joined for the summer tour dates by Henry Rogers, who many will know as sticksman with DeeExpus, Touchstone and Nerve Toy Trio. We’re very grateful to Henry for stepping in to fill the vacancy, and look forward to rehearsals for the tour with Panic Room.

It’s always sad when a founder member leaves a band. I’ve had the priviledge of meeting Gibbo many times, and he’s a great bloke, and isn’t nearly as scary as he looks! As for Henry Rogers, having seen him with Touchstone and DeeExpus, Morpheus Rising’s drumming will be in safe hands.

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